EnQii Looking For Product Manager

Chris Sheldrake

EnQii is looking for a new product manager as below…

Product Manager, EnQii Group

The following are the key responsibilities associated with this position:

To be a core part of the senior executive team in determining EnQii’s overall corporate strategy

To provide vision, leadership and strategic direction for the planning and implementation of EnQii’s product suite in support of EnQii’s stated corporate strategy.

To become a key trusted advisor to the other senior executives in all matters concerning the EnQii product, customer needs and market needs

To work closely with the CTO and the VP Engineering to ensure that the market needs of the product are translated into technical specifications that can be built

To work closely with salespeople to ensure that the product is marketed properly

To ensure that the relevant staff in the company are properly trained in the use of the product

To ensure that proper collateral is put in place to help sell the product

To manage the product through its development cycle from concept to customer discussions to business and functional specifications to market testing and product marketing

To manage beta site participation and feedback

To regularly interface with customers and monitor what the competition is doing

To ensure that whatever products are produced will generate revenues

To carry out the above, the PM needs the following characteristics:

Vision — The PM is an executive who provides a vision for the product and also for how it can be used to further EnQii’s vision and core values.

Planning — The position requires the ability to collaborate with all EnQii companies to develop cogent and concise product plans, including implementation and funding.

Agility – To move rapidly in an evolving market and provide customers with quick solutions where it does not compromise the overall development roadmap of the company.

Collaborative Skills — Consistent with EnQii’s culture, the PM requires interpersonal and professional skills, which seek productivity and success through collaboration, mutual trust, openness, integrity and respect.

Solution provision – To consistently help provide solutions to customer problems as and when required

Leadership — The position provides company-wide and system-wide leadership on product matters.

Articulation — The PM requires the ability to clearly articulate the product vision of EnQii

Professional — The PM has demonstrated and verifiable success in positions of similar responsibility, and has at least 5 years experience.

Entrepreneurial — Consistent with EnQii’s culture and with the direction of EnQii relative to funding and self-sufficiency, the position is required to act with a degree of independence of thought, high energy and urgency.

Location : New York or Toronto

Contact : Ajay Chowdhury, ajay@enqii.com

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