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OVAB’s Biggest Achievements

Regular readers will know that EYE Reporter [1] is one of our favourite reads and we look forward to it physically arriving in our office three times a year.

It’s an incredibly well put together (in-house) magazine that puts nearly all the commercial magazines in our industry to shame. Issue 2, 2009 is as Chris wrote earlier in the month [2] a good read and up to the usual high standard. A couple of things stood out for me particularly in this issue though:-

  1. The interview with Rachel Emson, Managing Director at Vivid which we will be reproducing in it’s entirety tomorrow
  2. The interview with Suzanne La Forgia (President and CEO, OVAB) and some of the things said about their achievements in the US [3]

Suzanne was asked “What are OVAB’s biggest achievements since its establishment in 2007?” and replied…

You know our thoughts on last year’s OVAB event – definitely a game changer [4]. It’s actually very disappointing that this years event in NYC is only half a day [5].

We are expecting just as many good things from OVAB Europe by the way!