PRN And Adspace Ink Deal?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Whilst some industry observers seem to be highly critical of PRN at present, they (PRN) seem, at least to us, to be trying really hard to turn themselves around (and of course they are still very much ‘up for sale‘).

Whatever business plan they had before (that will be the Walmart one) has very much been ripped up by the look of things and they seem generally to be looking around at new ways to make money. There is a lesson in here for all of us we think.

Anyway, more news on folks leaving and that is neither a good or a bad thing. People attrition can be good – people move on to better / different jobs, PRN itself gets some churn and some new blood (whether or not you subscribe to the view that PRN was always over-staffed and top heavy).

Matt Downey, who used to head up the Sam’s Club account for PRN has now left we believe and will be heading up the in-store network at Meijer. Meijer of course are famous on these pages for ordering NewSight out of the stores back in January this year.

For those software vendors who have been sniffing around the account this is probably a good indication that Meijer are serious about their network and very much intend to keep it in-house.

Keith Daly who was PRN’s Senior Vice President of Programming and Broadcast also left at the beginning of this month we understand. No details as to where he will end up at this point though – unless of course any of our readers know?

The big rumour though is that PRN have just signed another exclusive ad sales deal, this time with AdSpace Networks. We would guess that what PRN would really have wanted was to grab the whole network operations and media management role too but we believe that deal already went to Creative Realities as we reported back in February 2009.

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