Digital Signage In The Guardian

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Loads of vendors have contacted us about this … Looks like there is a suppplement in the works on Digtial Singage for the UK’s Grauniad newspaper scheduled (advertisers and paid editorial willing) for January 2010.

It is not being put together by MediaPlanet this time around but let’s just hope then that it’s better managed and put together than the last (MediaPlanet) attempt.

3 Responses to “Digital Signage In The Guardian”

  1. Chris Heap Says:

    It is in association with the Screen Forum, see


    “Lyonsdown Media Group is teaming up with The Screen Forum to present a comprehensive Digital Signage Report in the UK’s leading media focused national newspaper – The Guardian. A 16 page full colour report on the present and future of external digital out-of-home advertising and marketing, to be distributed in The Guardian in Jan 2010”.

  2. Kyle Broflovski Says:

    I’ve seen the sales brochure and if the finished supplement has anything to do with “digital out of home advertising or marketing” then my name really is Kyle Broflovski.

    Sections described in the sales brochure on The origins of digital signage, The Benefits of Digital Signage, Technology, Other Technologies, Standards and Panel of Experts is hardly going to set the advertising world on fire is it?

    Yet another money making scam from the has-been association The Screen plus some out of work journalists. When will someone do a supplement that really helps the industry and when will it be done right?

  3. Guillermo del Toro Says:

    Come on, if you wanted targetted, highly specific digital signage supplements you would NEVER put it in the guardian…

    you have to keep the info basic as this is mainstream media and not targetted at certain individuals or industries… the question is – does the fact that this supplement will appear in a mainstream media mean it will struggle to create leads for advertisers??? Hard to say. The famous words “half of my advertising works and half of it doesnt…” spring to mind.

    I think digital signage struggles from the fact it can installed in SO many locations and SO many vertical markets. This makes the marketing task much harder. But little by little the word will spread and as moronic as some of the subjects in this planned supplement may seem to a hardened digital signage expert, perhaps it will make sense and trigger a response in a CEO or some key decision maker who perhaps has not considered the technology among the hundreds of other tasks, challenges and solutions that fill their and their employees’ diaries.

    I think Amscreen have been successful for this very reason with big wins recently (such as those seen on the DailyDooH including the recent hospital project, Financial Times, BP, Asda).

    They have maintained their focus and demonstrated what the concept of digital signage is on a most basic level to their clients. Yes, their technology definitely does not set the world alight nor does it catch the eye. Yes they probably have some bloody good contacts (from Don Al Azucar) that they are using to close deals. But this again reflects the idea that this is a technology that is applicable to many markets and many environments. To gain momentum and volume, there is a necesity to convey the basic values and benefits of the technology. In addition this is even more important during an economic recession.

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