Great Ormond Street Appoints Amscreen

Chris Sheldrake

Amscreen was this week appointed exclusive digital signage partner in a five year deal by Great Ormond Street Hospital, the UK’s leading centre for treating sick children.

The deal will see Amscreen’s one-size fits all screens installed throughout the London-based hospital in high-traffic areas such as waiting rooms, corridors, coffee shops and restaurants.

The screens’ prime purpose we are told is to provide up to date and relevant information for patients and visitors. It will also promote the Friends scheme for supporters of the hospital.

Peter Wollaston, Head of Corporate Facilities at Great Ormond Street Hospital told us “We are very pleased to be working with Amscreen on the roll out of a network throughout the hospital. We are continually looking for ways to promote the important work carried out by the hospital and Amscreen’s products provide us with an interesting means to engage with staff, patients and visitors.”

Amscreen will also be running third party messaging across the network, which will include national advertising campaigns relevant to the environment, promotion of health products that can be purchased over the counter and other engaging content for patients and visitors.

3 Responses to “Great Ormond Street Appoints Amscreen”

  1. Blixstar Says:

    Lordy, Lordy, Lordy! Advertising to parents of sick children!

    I’ve thought of some other environments for our media moguls to explore with their state of the art technology.

    1) Morgues – Captive audience
    2) Headstones – Mourners offer great dwell times
    3) Toilet cubicles – Again, high dwell time
    4) Funeral parlours – Interflora will be all over it.

    I just feel sorry for the Digicon who have to try all this crap. I do hope they have a plan B.

  2. NeilC Says:

    Someone already tried headstones :

  3. Blixstar Says:

    Thanks for that Neil. Perhaps they can use one for Sir Alan’s with a digital epitaph reading “Here lies Sir Alan Sugar, one a great business pioneer who sadly lost the plot and starting sticking crappy screens in undesirable places, in the hope that big brands would spend money advertising on them”.

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