18,000 Screens Provided For By BlueFox

Chris Sheldrake

Here we see Neo Advertising Italy’s MEDIAMARKET network using some nice video content from BlueFox.

BlueFoxItalySaturnHD clips were chosen from the Sports and Offbeat programmes (Kaleidoscope, Skyscapes, Earth View, Aquacube, Aquarium) in order to liven up the network and highlight the TV and computer screens on display.

We are told that there are 138 clips in the Sports pack and 514 clips in the Offbeat programme and ALL of them available through the BlueFox online platform.

Hard to believe that there are 18,000 Saturn and Media World screens.

3 Responses to “18,000 Screens Provided For By BlueFox”

  1. Ken Goldberg Says:

    When any company counts “screens” or “displays” instead of locations or media players, it shows clear intent to characterize their actual scale or market penetration as something larger than it actually is. This type of marketing sleight-of-hand seems to be emerging as common digital signage practice these days, which is unfortunate. If you choose to call attention to yourself with a claim that causes someone to make an incorrect inference, it will eventually harm your credibility and perhaps offset some very real positive aspects of the offering.

  2. Fabrizio Bonazza Says:

    The installation in Media World & Saturn in Italy has the characteristic to transform each of the actual 97 stores (100 within year end) in a big screen show, broadcasting the same loop on the average 200 screens ( TV monitors and PC monitors) of each shop. Mentioning the huge number is not a way to show a market penetration, just to communicate a special way to apply digital signage in such commercial locations, a further step to transform a store enviroment.
    Fabrizio Bonazza
    Neo Advertising Italy

  3. Giuseppe Andrianò Says:

    I personally had the opportunity to experience both side as viewer and also advertiser on MediaWorld Channel. Of course is not a typical DS installation but have the possibility to see your brand shown on all the screens of the store is really impressive.
    I made an interview for dailydooh.com about this network to Mr.Gabriele Tortorella, Sales Manager of Neo Italy and I hope it could be visibile soon to clarify some issues.
    It could offer also the possibility to discuss around the impact of a so different and unique communication medium.
    Surely number of screens is not sufficent to qualify a network as in the past it demonstrated only the finanancial power of the network owner.
    Neo Italy was so smart to revert this commonly used business metrics with a simple idea “use the location facility to increase the value of the channel”.

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