OVAB Europe DBCI Advisory Panel

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

On Tuesday in Munich I chaired the first face to face meeting of the OVAB Europe DBCI Advisory Panel which last week reported for the second time (it’s a quarterly survey process) as to the health of the DOOH industry. The answer for those of you who wish to know was 39!

dbci advisory panel attendeesShown here from left to right Advisory Panel members (unless otherwise noted); Dennis Gaumondie (Ooh-TV), Ronni Guggenheim (Minicom DS), Oliver Schwede (invidis), guest Chris Heap (Imperative Group), Dirk Hülsermann (Neo Advertising), guest Nurlan Urazbaev (Broadsign), guest Mike Silverman (Imperative Group), Prof. Oliver Schocke (FH Worms), Adrian Cotterill (DailyDOOH), Florian Rotberg (invidis) and Tom Ringhs (MMD/Philips).

We had a very productive session and agreed on a number of things to do in December (next conference call) and January (next Quarterly survey).

We will go into how the DBCI works in more detail over the coming weeks.

There are more photographs here. Photograph courtesy invidis consulting

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