Dirk Hülsermann Appointed Group PR Manager, Neo Media Group

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It has just been announced that Dirk Hülsermann has been appointed as Group PR Manager at Neo Media Group. My god do they need someone to get to grips with their PR. Stories came out from different countries in different formats, to different people and there is no cohesive whole to anything PR wise they do. The PR from ASG Media is probably the worst – though that is of course complicated by the fact that they are a UK AIM listed company and have regulation to deal with.

Anyway, hopefully ASG Media will be part of his remit.

DH Photo DIGDirk Hülsermann will report directly to the board of Neo Media Group – this new role will be on top of his existing responsibility as Director Business Development International.

Christian Vaglio-Giors, CEO Neo Media Group told us “We are pleased to take advantage of Dirk’s great competencies, experience and relationship network in the media industry, which will ensure a professional communication of our Group”

He added “In the name of my colleagues on the Board of Management, I would like to wish Dirk Hülsermann all the best in his new position”.

Totally separate from his day job at Neo, Dirk is of course also President, OVAB Europe.

About Neo Media Group

Neo Media Group is the leading Digital out of Home (DooH) Company in Europe, North America and Asia. With a digital advertising network of over 115.000 screens located in 40.000 sites at Retail, Shopping Malls and Public Areas, Neo Media Group reaches more than 64 Million customers per week, with a presence in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, France, UK, Netherland, Poland, United States of America, Canada, China and Indonesia. As pure player in the media digitalization, the Group is also active in the fields IPTV with the company Neo Channels, RoIP with the company iTraxx and with the online DooH aggregation buying platform Bookingdooh. CEO of Neo Media Group is Christian Vaglio-Giors (37) co-founder of the company.

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