Which Superstore?

Chris Sheldrake

Retail giant Asda, part of Wal-Mart are the latest company to take advantage of Media Displays mobile advertising vehicles (aka Digi-vans) as they seek to stay one step ahead of the competition in Scotland.

Asda Glenrothes 025Britain’s second-biggest supermarket sought the expertise of the outdoor, mobile digital branding specialists, whose innovative Digi-vans are utilised by Asda to promote real time, up-to-date, product price comparison offers, targeting specific competing stores during three to five-day campaigns.

For Asda, and others, the advantage of the digital advertising techniques provided by the Digi-Vans, over the more traditional methods, is their ability to visually display multiple creative treatments, thus allowing ASDA to get different product propositions, in to the market.

Not only do ASDA market “how many items are cheaper than Tesco’s, Morrisions etc”, but they can also promote specific products which cost less than rival supermarkets, in that specific Town or City.

This means that focused promotions can be communicated within a short time scale according to Managing Director of Media Displays, Ian Taylor, who told us “Optimising the power of a brand message has never been more critical or more challenging than in today’s fiercely competitive, increasingly converging marketplace and by using mobile digital advertising vehicles, clients can provide content today for campaigns tomorrow and really hit the competition where it hurts.”

“An advantage of our service,” he added, “is that we can tightly target specific groups in and around locations where there are competing retailers and Digi-vans can get in to areas where there is no other substantial marketing channels or inventory”

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  1. Raffi Says:

    It would be wonderful if not for the terrible environmental impact that this business inflicts. If you’re in any of the major metropolitan areas here in the US, you’ll know that we have been overrun by truck with billboards on the side of them. Just because they have a DS screen on them doesn’t mask the fact that these leave a massive footprint. There’s even a push to get these traveling billboards taxed for each mile they travel, so the business model may become expensive quickly!

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