Real Time Ad Management

Chris Sheldrake

YCD Multimedia today launched RAMP – a real time ad management platform (hence the acronym).

RAMP ScreensIt’s been developed we are told to address the real needs and challenges of retailers and marketers.

YCD|RAMP as it is known introduces a “unique, simple and seamless platform for the production, distribution and optimization of in-store digital media campaigns”

Until we have seen it we can’t say how ‘unique’ it actually is. A number of DS vendors have ad management capability though maybe the uniqueness is the focus that YCD are currently showing in retail (we have visited their offices a couple of times in NYC now over the last few months and been impressed with their passion for and knowledge of retail).

YCD|RAMP was first previewed at The Economist’s Media Convergence Forum on October 22nd in New York, NY.

YCD|RAMP is an in-store digital media campaign management platform that emulates the real workflow between a retailer, their agency and their suppliers. In real-time, a new digital campaign can be uploaded by the ad agency or production house, approved by the corporate headquarters and distributed to screens at all or any subset of the retailer’s locations. With the built in content creation tool a regional office, or individual store can customize and generate their own promotions to suit their local needs from a library of pre-approved templates. Customized approval settings ensure all campaigns receive proper review and follow corporate branding guidelines.

When fully integrated with the retailer’s point-of-sale system YCD|RAMP will complete the information loop by allowing for analysis and reporting on the success of each campaign and using that data to optimize the campaign, in real-time, for maximum impact and return on investment.

Noam Levavi, Chief Executive Officer at YCD told us “YCD|RAMP elevates the measurability and ROI of in store ads to heights never before possible outside of the e-commerce space!”

He added “RAMP was developed with the future needs of retailers in mind and reflects 10 years of working closely with our customers to fully understand their challenges. The launch of this platform significantly empowers marketers and marks a turning point in in-store advertising. For the first time, brands and retailers can asses, in real-time, the impact of their in-store ads and dynamically optimize their campaigns anytime and from any Internet enabled device.”

YCD|RAMP and all of their end-to-end solutions for in-store marketing can be seen their joint booth with Sony Electronics (#202) at The Digital Signage Show, November 10-11 at New York’s Jacob Javits Center.

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