EnQii Improves EnGage

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

EnQii today released a set of sophisticated features and user enhancements to its EnGage digital signage software platform.

Ajay Chowdhury, CEO, EnQii Group tells us that “this further solidifies the company’s position as the industry’s premium technology solution”.

At the core of EnGage now is a much needed media targeting and scheduling engine that enables users to create, manage and measure highly-targeted digital screen networks with minimal strain on time, resources or budgets.

This Campaign Manager platform allegedly makes complicated tasks simple, and allows users to efficiently build almost any content experience for their audiences.

It’s all web based (as it should be) and new improvements include a series of content management enhancements and new features, including an intuitive, drag-and-drop Graphical User Interface (GUI) utilizing Web 2.0 technologies, auto-thumbnailing and asset-tagging for media uploads, built-in ‘SmartContent’ widgets, full text search and filtering for content, and deeper capabilities for dynamic data, including event-based content triggers.

Ajay Chowdhury also told us “We really think of EnGage as leapfrog technology. It builds on a decade of development and experience, but also has the logic in its design to deal with a converging media landscape”.

He added “EnGage is not just about digital signage. It’s an integrated marketing platform that considers the Web and mobile, and media that’s still just emerging.”

There are also two new whitepapers looking at the use of EnGage in retail merchandising and for advertising networks which are available at www.enqii.com

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