Viscom Italia 2009

Giuseppe Andrianò

I met up with Kevin Goldsmith Head of Strategic Partnerships at signagelive a week or so ago in Milan.

Personally I was not that impressed with Viscom Italia 2009 but thought it worthwhile to get the views of someone – who else better than a foreigner?

Kevin told me “It is hard to believe that two weeks has passed since making the trip to Milan”

He added “From a Digital out of Home perspective the show was very poor and perhaps resembled SIGN UK over the last few years where a handful of digital media companies exhibited alongside predominantly large format print companies”

Kevin thought it was interesting to see so many local (Italian) companies developing hardware and software solutions in-house and he wondered ” how competitive can they all be?” especially “when the major hardware vendors have large volume finished products with excellent warranty packages that combine well with cloud based digital signage platforms.”

I wonder if he or any other foreigners will be back next year for Viscom Italia 2010?

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