Misc 2 – #DSTop10 Vendors Update

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We hope readers have been enjoying our preparation for our Top 10 Digital Signage Vendors list for 2010 which will be published next February (kindly sponsored now by the nice folks at Magenta Research).

We don’t take the compilation of this list lightly and have put even more work into it this year than we have done previously.

Bearing in mind that there is space for only 10 software firms in the list it’s worthwhile re-iterating some of our early thoughts: –

  • Omnivex to our mind have made tremendous progress, both with their business at home in North America / Canada and abroad and are a real ‘cert’ for inclusion somewhere in the list.
  • TELentice won’t be in the list unless they end up being a ‘going concern’ – no doubt that they keep selling software (rumours of two big deals in Europe about to be announced) but hard to see how we can include in the list a company (which is no longer a company) and that doesn’t really have an owner or any employees.
  • In terms of folks who sell (predominantly) to the larger OOH companies; both Ryarc Media Systems and Dynamax (who retreated, albeit with some pride from a probable once-in-a-lifetime stab at getting into America) have both, we think, gone backwards during 2009.
  • Whilst Dynamax will most likely stay in the list due to their strength of business with Clear Channel and some to some degree Titan we have seen nothing of note and don’t expect much from Ryarc which is a real shame.
  • C-nario were 4th in the list last year yet here we see yet another company that has definitely under delivered in 2009.
  • Wirespring, wow we even saw them exhibit at a show this year (albeit a 4 hour drive from Bill’s house)! Their EasyStart offering especially and the way that they have managed to sell suitable solutions at both the high and low end should not be under-estimated.
  • Scala seem to have caught the innovation bug at the moment and have gone up in our estimations – will it be enough to move them up the rankings? They need to get much better and much smarter about marketing and building a brand that’s for sure but to be fair that argument could be leveled at almost everyone in our list (albeit with the exception of signagelive).
  • Strange that signagelive, one of the smallest in our top 10, if not the smallest gets it (usually) so right when it comes to selling themselves.
  • Look out for our views too on CoolSign and 121View and especially what we think about YCD Multimedia’s resurgence, especially in the retail space.
  • And just who will be battling it out for the top spot? WIll it be BroadSign, STRATACACHE or EnQii numbers 3, 2 and 1 respectively last year) or will there be someone new breaking into the top three
  • Cisco perhaps? (no, okay just kidding!)

Do watch this space.

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  1. Neal Says:

    Strange that you don’t show http://MediaSignage.com
    It’s the only one we use as it’s Free Digital Signage.


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