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The 2010 DailyDOOH Travelogue

Gail got back safely from NYC yesterday after covering what turned out to be an incredibly well attended and successful DPAA Summit [1] – we have one more summary post up our sleeve which will be published Monday. Andrew and I are gearing up for our first sojourn to Frankfurt for #viscomffm (starting of course with our industry mixer on the Wednesday evening [2]).

Whilst dithering over visiting Singapore or not the week after (9 – 10 November) for Digital Signage World Asia 2010 we also decided at the last minute to cancel our trip to NYC for #CETW for the whole team – NYC in November and USD 300 a night hotel rooms just didn’t cut it for us I am afraid. There’s a difference between a trade fair in sunny and cheap Las Vegas and a chilly NYC.

Whilst our hoped for trip to Los Angeles in December is now a definite no-no we do have a whole week for the whole team in Montreal at the end of November (more on that later).

You can see our 2009 Travelogue archive [13] here for those of you who are interested.