Intel Taking This Lark Seriously

Chris Sheldrake

Even with a USD 100 million VC fund specialising in this sector AND (separately) folks globally, all over different Intel divisions looking at where the opportunities in digital signage may lay for them you could be forgiven for thinking that they are just another corporate larking about in this space – a la Cisco perhaps? Ed

speechBut no that definitely does not seem to be the case. Word reaches us that these guys are serious. So serious in fact that they have recently booked 100 square meters of exhibition space at none other than Screen media expo in London next May.

OVAB Europe President, Dirk Huelsermann told us “The industry needs good shows and conferences and OVAB is excited that DOOH Expo looks like it is well on track to deliver a unique, targeted, quality audience for the industry”

DOOH Expo is running alongside Screen media expo Europe next May in London, Ed

He added “Screen media expo continues to work hard to promote the growth of Digital Out of Home and we are excited to see the likes of Intel Corporation sign up for a big exhibition space and sponsor some of the conferences”

To give you some sort of perspective, Scala are taking 60 square meters in 2010 (double what they had in 2009); 100 square metres of exhibition space is probably 2 or 3 times larger than what the likes of Hyundai or Dynascan would have at such a show AND the only folks likely much larger in London next year would be Samsung (in 2009 Samsung had 110 square metres).

It’s good also that Intel has booked a 20×30 foot booth (600 sq feet) at DSE in Las Vegas (they are also a Gold Sponsor of Digital Signage Expo 2010) but interesting that they have the larger space in London.

Believe us, this is going to make a lot of people wake up!

3 Responses to “Intel Taking This Lark Seriously”

  1. Joyce Says:

    I am working with Cisco’s Digital Media Suite of products and see them taking this very seriously. There is one real difference though…they come at this technology as an architectural platform that enables digital signage, as well as many other applications of media within the Enterprise. I strongly believe that their approach will provide the impetus for broader adoption of digital signage with cost justification built through means other than advertising…which doesn’t seem to be getting it done at this point.

  2. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Joyce thanks for your comment. We are not suggesting that just because a corporate has deep pockets it should spend money will-nilly but what goes around comes around and those who have been in the industry long enough know that Cisco is a cheap skate of the first order. Always first in the queue for a speaker slot, always NEVER in the queue to pay for that beer in the bar (sorry, I mean “to pay for that exhibition space or sponsor that conference”). If everyone in the industry was like Cisco there would be probably be no industry and definitely no industry get togethers. We may not always agree with Broadsign, Scala or Wireless Ronin but thank god that those guys have the wherewithal to pay to exhibit and to sponsor events.

    It’s debatable whether we need a Cisco in this industry but one thing is for sure and that’s that we DEFINITELY don’t need a cheapskate Cisco in the industry.

  3. Roger Evia Says:

    This time, I AGREE with you Adrian. 100 m2 booth at the London show?? As they say in Mexico, esta cabron!! That is a HUGE brand/company wanting to position itself within this niche B2B industry that is digital signage. Problem is they could knock some small component providers out of the game? Anyway will definitely create a buzz.

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