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The Vijay Thakrar Exposé

In October Paul Childerhouse, formerly CEO at Business Information Transmission Systems Ltd [1] (BITS) left to join UK based PSCo [2] as Special Projects Director and we used that announcement as an excuse to give our readers an update on that much loved man, Vijay Thakrar and his latest business venture.

The post itself received a record breaking number of comments AND is still growing – so much in fact that we turned the post over to the BITS ALUMNI [3] themselves!

Much of the vitriolic comments were bordering on libel but we have published it all as it surely expresses the strength of feelings against this man who has burnt many (employees, suppliers and customers) with ventures such as Ashingo, Eurowide Media and BITS.

If you have had any dealings with Vijay Thakrar and would like to comment (anonymously of course) please email us. Please be factual, give time and dates, details of any money invested or lost, promises made or broken and please (he may or may not deserve it) don’t be too harsh!!

We will publish the story proper sometime in December 2009.

About Ashingo

Ashingo was founded in 2004 to build a business in the burgeoning “out of home” (OOH) digital media market. An initial £1.6m was raised to explore and penetrate the market. An early contract to install and operate a digital media network within a group of shopping centres was unsustainable; a new business model was fashioned. Ashingo set out to be an acquirer, consolidator and integrator of the many companies that make up the chain that leads to and supports OOH digital media displays.

About Eurowide Media

Welcome to Eurowide Media Ltd. In the world of Outdoor advertising, Eurowide Media is the first company with a pan-European vision and a coherent strategy to develop and successfully harness the digital revolution within this ever changing marketing media.

Eurowide Media connects with consumers when they are out and about, closer to the point of sale. Unlike the traditional Outdoor Advertising tools of billboards and six-sheet posters, Eurowide Media applies the latest technology in delivering moving images to plasma screens, LCDs and LEDs to high footfall locations across the continent. Our innovative outdoor advertising creates effective, interactive and engaging solutions that will ultimately influence consumer buying behaviour.

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1 Comment To "The Vijay Thakrar Exposé"

#1 Comment By Girltalk On 6 May 2011 @ 14:22 @640

I too had problems with Vijay Thakrar – I am owed money. There are a number of individuals who are all linked. They raise money in this field – keeping alot for themselves and then rescuing/buying out ailing companies or now investing in interesting ventures abroad …look no further than Ram Vision investing in Free Ray.