“Is Mobile A Threat to Digital Out Of Home ?”

Manolo Almagro, Weekly Columnist

Dateline Chicago– Day 2 of the Strategy Institute’s 5th Annual ‘Building Your Digital Signage Business’ Conference. The sessions had all the things you’d expect from a Strategy Institute produced conference, interesting topics and a strictly enforced “don’t even try to turn your presentation into a sales demo” policy (one of the biggest reasons I attend these conferences).

DSC00050The conference venue itself was cozy, but it made for a more town-hall type of experience. -see photo above.

The most intriguing part of the conference for me was during one of the Q&A Sessions. A question was asked by an attendee, is mobile marketing a “threat” to DS. I was amazed to hear the speaker’s response as – “no” and used the analogy that the mobile phone was destined to become a remote control for the screen itself.

Wrong. This is just the kind of myopic view of the future that supports my past statements that our industry is becoming too complacent and self-absorbed with what’s happening inside our tiny piece of the overall digital ecosystem that we don’t see the forest for the trees.

Trust me – Mobile IS a threat, and she’s bringing along her shopping buddies, social media and microblogging.

These 3 are going head to head with DOOH for people’s attention and the almighty ad campaign budget allocations.

Our industry has to stop trying to be the ‘center of attention’ and learn how to play a supporting role in the entire digital experience.

The single-threaded, one-dimensional content strategy approach needs to change. DOOH is one of many ways (not the only way) customers can experience a brand.

6 Responses to ““Is Mobile A Threat to Digital Out Of Home ?””

  1. Darren Briggs Says:

    Interesting article.
    My personal view is that the “mobile phone” will ultimately become the consumers “first screen”, hence – moadcast.com

  2. Richard Lebovitz Says:

    You’re absolutely right in pointing out that digital signage is only part of the whole digital landscape. As powerful as the medium is for information, education, entertainment and advertising, it is only one of many messaging choices. It is not “the” answer but one of many answers. Darren Briggs also is right in pointing out that the smart phone will ultimately become the consumer’s “first screen.” For tens of millions of people, it already has. We’ve heard the president of one digital signage company already refer to smart phones as personal digital signage.

  3. Sean Whiffen Says:

    Great post, and comments. Many years ago a Coca Cola executive responded to a question about market share vs Pepsi by saying they were after “stomach share”. In other words, they recognized they’re competing against all other options a consumer has for physical consumption. Great perspective, and one we’ve certainly seen in our network locations as well – “attention share”. The biggest threat to this is the cell phone, since they’re now nearly as ubiquitous as shoes. Anything that draws attention from the consumer/viewer away from the screen is a threat (loud employees, latest softcover novel in her purse, et al). Too often we are hammers who see everything as a nail, when we need to first view things as consumers ourselves.

    Side note – great to hear of the “no sales demo” policy. Anyway that can transfer to the presentations at the DSE?!

  4. Steve Gurley Says:

    I knew there was a reason I liked Manolo. He knows what he’s talking about.

  5. Don Sperring Says:

    Clearly some visionary speakers on the circuit these days.
    I believe the personal mobile screen will utimately become the consumers primary channel, DOOH has a real challenge as mobile gathers momentum, collabrorate is the answer regardless of the question in DOOH.

  6. John Says:

    I agree with Darren. Not only it’ll be the first screen, but the first point of contact with the internet.

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