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Chris Sheldrake, a global leader in interactive video and mobile technology, today announced it will join Comtech Experience A/S of Copenhagen to provide interactive communication tools both for the retail sector and for conference facilities in Denmark.

ComtechLogoKarsten Solaas, Comtech Experience director told us “ is by far the most advanced technology provider in the world when it comes to real-time video interaction, which is why we have chosen to partner with them,”

He added “With technology, the mobile phone becomes a remote control in the hands of consumers who increasingly demand content that is relevant.”

At conferences, Comtech will use technology to enable visitors to use mobile phone texting to ask questions to presenters in real time, or to order workplace delivery of collateral information — eliminating the annoyance of lugging reams of paper around an exhibit hall – umm, see the conference suggestions we made a week or so ago here, Ed

In retail, Comtech’s use of the Interactivity Suite will provide store and mall owners the ability to target individual shoppers with customized content delivered on point-of-sale screens.

Interactivity Suite is’s interactive video platform that enables audience participation by modifying the video stream based on live, user-submitted content. Designed to function with traditional TV, Web TV, IPTV, and mobile TV platforms, products power interactive TV formats and entire channels by enabling viewers and consumers to participate through mobile phones and the Internet.

Lars Lauritzsen, CEO told us “Comtech is a forward-thinking A/V provider that sees how the relationship between advertiser or other content provider and audience is evolving from ‘push’ to interactive,”

He continued “The combination of Comtech’s experience and reputation as an A/V provider with our technology will yield innovative solutions that benefit both companies and our customers.”

About Comtech Experience A/S

Comtech was established in 1991 and is a leading provider in Denmark of A/V facilities for conferences and exhibitions. The company, which is currently responsible for the United Nations climate change conference COP15 in Copenhagen, is extending the use of A/V as interactive communication tools to the retail sector, revitalizing in-store POS screens and shop-window communication

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