Announcing C-nario Cube

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We will take a look at this for you when we are at Infocomm 2008 in a week or so’s time and tell you what we think. We mentioned in Our Top 10 Digital Signage Vendors Part 2 that out of all the folks in that top 10, C-nario were the one who at least had one USP – the ability to real time put images on curved and joined surfaces.

Here we see some more innovation from them. We do wish that (like others) they would drop the “global leader in digital signage software products” opening gambit in their press releases though.

We’ll be the first to tell them if and when they get to those heady heights!

C-nario Announces C-nario Cube™ – Infinitely Scalable Pixel-Perfect Multi-Display System

The new system will be launched at InfoComm 2008

Tel Aviv, Israel, June 4, 2008. C-nario, a global leader in digital signage software products and solutions, stepped out ahead of the industry today by announcing C-nario Cube™, a system that delivers multiple types of content from a variety of sources, including dozens of live high definition video broadcasts, to a multitude of screens, while maintaining pixel-perfect accuracy, excellent quality and complete synchronization between screens. C-nario Cube is based on a new advanced multi-display and seamless projection technology, developed by C-nario. The new system will be launched at InfoComm 2008, to be held June 18-20, 2008, in Las Vegas.

The system is breaking the boundaries of resolution and size, and is geared for industries where live content is an important component of their multi-screen displays and applications, such as entertainment, sporting events and stadiums, financial institutions and retail.

The new system addresses the demand for exceptional viewer experience, based on advanced and innovative display on a multitude of screens or projectors arranged in various forms: video walls, seamless projection, collages, multi-floor displays that look like one display from outside the building via glass walls, etc. Using the new system, integrators and users will have the ability to manage the delivery of multiple inputs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

C-nario Cube can successfully replace any video wall processor, allowing infinite resolution and unmatched flexibility. It is not limited by size and can scale to virtually any size video wall, seamless projection or collage. Pixel-perfect resolution of hundreds of megapixels is maintained, including 3D animation. C-nario Cube cleverly balances between real time created content, stored content and captured inputs, at high definition resolution and full frame rate. C-nario Cube is not limited by input resolution.

Also designed for live shows, where rapid changes are required, C-nario Cube can be integrated with show control systems, enabling linking of multiple displays with other entertainment elements, such as lighting, sound or pyrotechnics.

The revolutionary system can be used for any application requiring multi-display arrangements, and can smoothly integrate with C-nario’s industry leading digital signage solutions, providing scheduling, remote control and monitoring using a field-proven unified architecture.

“C-nario Cube is an exciting addition to our product arsenal,” said Yael Elstein, C-nario’s VP Marketing. “An increasing number of businesses and organizations are rapidly becoming aware of how multi-screen displays provide an extraordinary customer experience and an extremely valuable business benefit. C-nario has been at the forefront of the digital signage industry in developing revolutionary technologies and products. Now, with C-nario Cube, we are providing an environment that strengthens our existing expertise in supplying powerful infrastructure to our customers. We see a tremendous number of business opportunities that we and our partners can effectively and efficiently target.”

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