MicroTiles Launch Event, NYC

Andrew Neale

This past Wednesday evening saw Christie Digital hold their official US / Canadian launch of MicroTiles in NYC (the European launch is slated to be at ISE 2010 in Amsterdam in February).

Last minute adjustments to the 16-sheet made of MicroTiles

Last minute adjustments to the 16-sheet made of 50 x MicroTiles

A couple of folks have covered the event and there are some nice pictures doing the rounds and even some “shaky cam footage” (their words not ours) over on the Live Design site.

We also liked David Haynes ‘Snappies from the Christie MicroTiles launch‘ and Christie Digital’s photos over on Facebook

The AV press and various industry analysts have been overwhelmingly positive about this new product, I don’t believe we have heard what Gary Kayye thinks of the product yet but he had a private viewing on the Wednesday afternoon.

We particularly liked what Chris Chinnock, Senior Analyst and Editor for Insight Media had to say over on Display Daily (well worth a read) and we quote “Did I say I like this product yet? The only issue that has surfaced so far is the relatively high cost – $3,800 per microtile. And for conventional videowall applications this will be expensive, which is why system integrators will push the creative boundaries to find innovative uses that can’t be done with conventional displays … Christie thinks they are on to something with this product. I agree”.

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