ADTV To Install 500 New Stores

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Frontcast, who has already installed 120 digital signage systems in commercial stores for ADTV during 2009 tells us that they have now signed a 5 year contract with the intention of the network operator to install an additional 1,380 stores within 2 years.

The first 500 of these stores will be installed during the first quarter of 2010

Daniel tenglar Ferber, founder and CEO of ADTV told us “2009 has been a really good year for ADTV. Since we installed the 120 stores in June, we have achieved good sales, and interest in advertising has been great among the brands that are strong in convenience stores”.

He continued “The surveys we mandated, with GfK, shows that our advertisers get superior attention compared to any other exposure in the shop, and we have a strong impact on sales. A successful 2009 has enabled us to build up financial conditions to increase the pace of expansion. We now look forward to offering our advertisers the opportunity to increase their attention and sales in many more stores”

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