Phoenix, Arizona: Droid Spotted

Chris Sheldrake

We love this interactive campaign used to launch the new Verizon Droid Phone in the US.

This photo was taken on location in Phoenix, Arizona.


PEARL Media we believe designed, developed and created an interactive game where consumers can come up to the storefront window and actually move the arms of the Droid Robot Phone to collect Phone APPS, enter emails and try to get the high score.

3 Responses to “Phoenix, Arizona: Droid Spotted”

  1. Devang Shah Says:

    Was the entire screen a touch screen? How many such installations were made for this campaign?



  2. June Hagman Says:

    Yes, please…..more details. thank you

  3. JOSH COHEN Says:

    There were 4 Total Storefronts. Gesture Based and Touch Technology were used to allow consumers to move the Droid Hands and catch falling Droid Apps.

    When game was finished, initials and emails were entered to get high scores and send consumers additional info.

    Over 800 people are playing a day

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