Let Me See Your Identification…

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Butler, New Jersey-based Pearl Media, which offers non-traditional, out-of-home media focusing on StreetLevel outdoor advertising, is definitely behind the Droid window DailyDOOH wrote about earlier this week and here’s a video to prove it…

Pearl Vision partnered with Verizon Wireless to promote the launch of its highly-anticipated, new Smartphone, the DROID, via engaging, interactive storefronts.

droid1The campaign has been created to increase awareness of Verizon’s new DROID Smartphone, as well as promote the various applications and effectiveness of the new phone. To bring it to life, Pearl Media developed an all encompassing, interactive Verizon DROID Game that allows pedestrians to literally play a video game on the streets. The game is designed to bring a fun and energetic interactive experience that allows consumers to become familiar with the all that the “DROID DOES”.

The interactive, gesture-based ‘Droid Game’ allows pedestrians to come up to the storefront window and control the robotic arms of the nDroid with their hands to collect as many falling Droid Apps as they can in a 30-second period. If pedestrians are successful, game play and time were extended. When complete, using the latest in Touch Technology, consumers are able to test their skills against other players by entering their initials to see how they rank amongst the high scorers.

Players are also prompted to enter in an email address in order to receive the latest information on the new Droid Phone directly from Verizon Wireless. Audio is applied to the gaming experience from behind the storefront glass to project game sounds and increase attraction to the interactive display. To date, more than 800 pedestrians are playing the game each day, while thousands more watching them play.

“Pearl Media prides itself on creating unique, jaw-dropping experiences for its clients and their consumers,” says Joshua Cohen, Pearl president. “All campaigns are developed specifically with each client’s goals and objectives in mind. The DROID Phone combines some of the most state of-the-art technology ever offered by a Smartphone, so it made sense to ensure that the interactive storefront offered a one-of-a-kind technology experience.”

Four Verizon Droid displays are on exhibit through the end of 2009 in three cites (Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix).

“These cities were chosen to align wih key markets and key retailers,” says Josh Cohen, president, Pearl Media. “The potential is there to take this to other markets, but no decision has been made as yet.”

Pearl Media teamed with Zenithmedia, New York, on the planning and execution while creative elements were designed by McGarry Bowen, New York.. Pearl also partnered with EyeClick Ltd., Israel, for their ground breaking technology solutions.

Pearl Media is a unique, non-traditional Out-of-Home Media company specializing in converting vacant storefronts and distinctive real estate assets into vibrant interactive Out-of-Home experiences for our clients. Pearl Media continues to grow the presence of their StreetLevel Billboards across the country delivering gh impact, eye-catching opportunities to engage consumers and own the streets. Pearl Media’s unique technology and execution has helped the company bring its diverse StreetLevel Medium to its clients in all markets across the country.

EyeClick offers an innovative platform for interactive out-of-home media displays. EyeClick gives event and trade show organizers, retailers, advertisers and media companies the ability to showcase rich interactive digital content in public spaces, including convention centers, promotions, malls, airports and chain stores.

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