Large Format Landscape Digital

Chris Sheldrake

EYE announced this week the first in a $3.5 million investment programme, launching new high-impact Large Format Landscape Digital sites.

Artist's image Westfield, Bondi

Artist's image Westfield, Bondi

As you can see from this artist’s impression the new sites are four times larger than the existing landscape sites (supposedly are the same scale as roadside supersites) . EYE are excited as they see it offering advertisers a seamless communication from roadside to inside shopping centres.

Interesting that they use LCDs for this. We don’t know yet what sort of thin bezel LCDs they are using but we have asked. This is of course a _4X2_4T_4T_ using the Issy-Neale Formula, Andrew Neale (TechOpsDir)

The roll out of these larger units we are told is part of a substantial upgrade to its existing network of 130 units and which will see all displays increase in size using LCD displays told together.

The Large Format Landscape Digital sites, which are planned for early in the new year, will continue to be strategically positioned in the ‘line of sight’ of Shoppers during the escalator ’empty moment journey’.

The new Large Format Landscape Digital sites will appear in the highest traffic and retail sales centres throughout Sydney such as: Bondi Junction, Sydney Central Plaza and Chatswood Westfield. Additional units in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane will also be rolled out over coming months.

Michael Callaghan – General Manager, Eye Shop told us “the combination of high impact and expanded reach of the Landscape Digital Network offers advertisers an extremely powerful mix to reach audiences close to the point-of-purchase. It is now undoubtedly the best digital retail network in the country”.

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  1. Media Planner Says:

    I reckon they should launch Eye Shop in the UK. These Aussies sure know a thing or two about advertising in shopping malls!

  2. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    The screens used here are the new seamless LCD’s from NEC.

    In particular the 46″ NEC 4 (X461 UN).

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