40 Screen Video Wall At Infocomm

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I guess if we boycotted / ignored all press releases that had in their opening sentence “a global leader in digital signage” we wouldn’t have very much to talk about would we?

As discussed before in our article “When everyone’s a World Leader” we personally think press releases styled and written in this way demonstrate (a) a poor grasp of the English language and (b) a lack of vision and understanding on the part of the PR agency.

PR agencies need to realise that journalists and editors will read that exact same sentence several times a day from all the press releases that come past their desk. Can’t you do better than that to grab their attention and try to impress them?

Anyway, C-nario are keen to draw attention to the fact that they are at Infocomm next week, so are we, Ed as this is the second press release in less than a week from them.

As with the last one “Announcing C-nario Cube” it is of interest to us and we will be seeking out their stand to take a closer look.

The crux of the announcement is summed up in the first few lines – basically an impressive 40-screen video wall and demonstration of applications for airports, subways and financial exchanges.

C-nario to Demonstrate Unique Multi-Display Applications at InfoComm 2008

Exhibit to include 40-screen video wall, and applications for airports, subways and financial institutions involved in the stock market

Tel Aviv, Israel, June 9, 2008. C-nario, a global leader in digital signage software products and solutions, today announced that it will demonstrate advanced multi-screen innovative applications at InfoComm 2008, to be held June 18-20, 2008, in Las Vegas. The exhibit will include a 40-screen video wall, applications for airports, subways and financial institutions involved in the stock market, a new version of Messenger™ and new Web campaign management tools for Advertiser™.

“Our exhibit features the latest digital signage and multi-screen applications, helping our customers and partners meet increasing demands for high performance and cost savings,” said Yael Elstein, C-nario’s VP Marketing. “Now that integrators are targeting highly competitive markets for new display environments, they are expressing a critical need for cost effective and advanced solutions. Our portfolio includes the products that enable them to meet this urgent need, giving them a true business advantage.”

The 40-screen video wall at InfoComm will demonstrate the new C-nario Cube system, breaking the boundaries of resolution and size, enabling an efficient and cost effective delivery of multiple live inputs, such as high-definition broadcasts, to multi-screen display environments. C-nario’s multi-casting technology ensures superb pixel-perfect display quality, ease of installation and operation, and dramatic cost savings. Resolution is not limited by industry standard input ports, due to an excellent balance between internally stored and generated content and acquired live feeds.

C-nario will be also showcasing a new version of C-nario Messenger™ digital signage display, distribution and management platform, and new features of C-nario Advertiser™ platform, including Web campaign management. Both products include enhanced scheduling, content creation, monitoring, control, and communications management capabilities.

The airport application will comprise a collage of screens displaying destinations, as well as temperature and news related to the destinations, and advertisements. Optionally, airports can use C-nario’s interactivity features, using touch screens, to let passengers choose their destination for themselves. The application creates a unique experience for people who are waiting for their departure.

The subway application will include a detailed map of subway routes. In key stations, pop up windows will appear, with information about prominent places around the station and relevant advertisements.

The multi-screen, multi-data application for financial institutions involved in stock markets provides investors and stock professionals with a full picture in real time, helping them make better decisions and increase profitability. The application presents the massive amount of information in an easy, intuitive, vivid and clear manner, while at the same time providing as much information as possible.

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