NanoLumens Flexible Displays

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We first made mention of these guys back in May “Norcross, GA based NanoLumens Inc. claim that they can do a millimeter thin 110 inch display which will weigh under 90lbs (likely cost iro USD 75K)” and whilst they have been quiet recently we noticed this week that they have garnered a little more press – albeit in the Atlanta Business Chronicle…

nanolumens 1Their latest screen is a 112-inch digital display and as the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports “thinner than a candy bar and sips as much power as a coffeemaker”

Still weighing in at 80 pounds and still in the region of USD 75,000 this truly could be another disruptive technology in the display / screen space.

NanoLumens hopes to begin shipping by the first quarter of 2010.

3 Responses to “NanoLumens Flexible Displays”

  1. JOSH COHEN Says:

    Are there photos, specs of this screen

  2. Kevin Andreassend Says:

    600 Nits in brightness
    112 inch diagonal
    1 inch thick
    Weighs only 87 lbs
    Consumes 400 watts of power
    Pricing rumoured to be in the region of end user price $US75000
    Now if we could wack off one zero it would become an overnight must have.
    The resolution looks finer and sharper than our 20mm pitch ICE Flexible led screen curtain which at the same size is a fraction of the price. So now we have a poor mans solution and an alternative for those with budget.

  3. Jim Says:

    Can these be molded into a curved wrap around display almost into a sphere?

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