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 #dse2010 – CoolSign’s New Friends

It’s interesting to nosy about on who exactly is partnering with whom at the big events in February (we are of course talking about ISE 2010 in Amsterdam and DSE in Las Vegas) and who (by definition) is being excluded – we note NO audience measurement ties up thank god for CoolSign at DSE.

Looking at their exhibitor details it’s not surprising that their Integrator Partners are CRI (same VC stable) and DMG.

They also seem to be in bed with Dell (that means something for the Burger King RFP in the US we think but more on that later) and of course the newly re-invigorated Vertigo Digital Displays [1].

Other Booth hardware looks like it is supplied by Jaco (70” LCD Display, 32” thin panels) and Planar Clarity Matrix.

Other devices used and on show are likely to be from HaiVision.

ScreenFeed, LocaModa [2] and DataCall will be supplying all sorts of content and RSS feeds.

Billboard Planet and CodeCreations are also involved as ‘software partners’ in some form as well.