RDM Wins Subway

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We thought IBN had the US Subway business all wrapped up (geddit?) – even though it seemed to be the classic vendor you-do-it-for-free model but in a discussion yesterday with a US investor we heard a rumour that Ken Goldberg’s Real DIgital Media (RDM) business had likely won it – at least for the first 100 sites.

We also had sight of a few other RFPs that are (supposedly) doing the rounds at the moment (one of these was Subway), another one was Burger King.

The BK deal was a whopper – it looked to us like BK had simply done the rounds of screen manufacturers first rather than spend any time looking at software and / or any type of solutions – our first impression was that it looked a bit of a joke – non funded, non mandatory, no focus and of course the client wants everything for free. With 18 vendors invited to the party it looks like a classic clusterf**k.

Of real interest to vendors should be the 4 serious RFPs out in the U.S. at the moment that are ‘seriously’ funded and the 3 in Canada that also seem real.

Add in H&M in Scandinavia now down to the final three vendors and Chanel in Paris and things from an RFP perspective could be described as really looking up.

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