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POSTV’s Supermarkt TV Proves Effective

Research from Nielsen has indicated that POSTV’s Supermarkt TV is an effective way to gain extra attention and increase sales on the shop floor.

Since the introduction of Supermarkt TV in March 2008, dozens of top brands have advertised on 1,200 screens that make up the network in 200 connected stores reaching almost three million shoppers weekly.

Diana Niemer, product manager with Supermarkt TV told us “In 2009 many top brands advertised on the screens. Among them were Knorr, Completa, Sheba, Alpro Soya, Slankie, Eru, Danone Actimel, Danone Activia, Coolbest, Campina, Ajax, Silan, Chocomel, Brand, Appelsientjes, Senseo and Duvel”

POSTV [1] is a member of the Neo Media Group and offers retailers access to the largest digital signage network in Europe and North America. With a focus on the sectors of fast-moving consumer goods and consumer electronics, POSTV installs, administers, maintains and operates a growing number of in-store TV networks at renowned retailers.