Akoo New Campaigns And Positive Research

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Chicago-based Akoo social music television network has launched branded entertainment and advertising campaigns for a group of inaugural sponsors, including Best Buy, CLEAR, 20th Century Fox, and leading brands in the gaming console and quick-service restaurant categories.

Akoo delivers major label music videos and original programming to 89.6 million monthly consumers in premium out-of-home environments across the U.S..

The company also announced the results of new Arbitron audience measurement research, which found that Akoo reaches 89.6 million monthly consumers in premium out-of-home environments across the U.S. – of which 64.5 million monthly engaged viewers actively watch Akoo programming and advertising for an average of 16 minutes per visit.

“Akoo has raised the media performance standard by measuring and reporting against engaged viewers, rather than gross impressions,” says Niko Drakoulis, Akoo’s CEO. “No other media network delivers 64.5 million monthly engaged viewers while fully integrating brand partners within a socially immersive consumer experience.”

Programming features music videos from all four major record label groups with whom Akoo has licensing agreements: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and EMI – as well as live performances, exclusive artist interviews, and original branded content.

Viewers can control programming on high-definition TV screens with their mobile devices. They can select their favorite music videos via text message request or Akoo’s mobile application and share them on the network, free and on-demand. Viewers can also access Akoo’s free Wi-Fi service to interact with programming, as well as participate in location-based digital marketplaces and social media activities.

Arbitron research findings validate Akoo’s ability to engage viewers. Of the 64.5 million monthly engaged viewers, 13.4 million monthly viewers spend 30 minutes or more watching Akoo programming and advertising, 14.8 million viewers watch for 15-29 minutes, and 36.3 million viewers watch for up to 14 minutes per visit.

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