Golfy TV Measurement Avec Médiamétrie

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Quividi tell us that Médiamétrie (France’s leading audience rating company) are now using Quividi technology to carry out automated audience measurement on the Golfy TV network.

Médiamétrie has deployed its first measurement units in two golf courses that receive Golfy TV – cameras are connected to the screens at the reception and in the club house.

Golfy TV is not surprisingly a golf-related TV channel in France and it has been broadcasting reports on golf courses, lessons and rules and advertising since 2007.

We understand that another 10 golf courses will be selected soon in order to make up a representative panel for measurement. There are 70 golf courses in total in France that receive Golfy TV.

If anyone follows our statistical desire to know how many automated audience measurement cameras are needed to get decent coverage on a network this works out at 24 cameras in 12 venues to cover 70 venues with 140 screens.

We are therefore guessing then that in this instance Médiamétrie have figured out that 17% of the network having cameras is enough for them to predict figures / do enough market research.

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