ASG Estates Ltd. Becomes RAM VISION

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

News just in, that what was / is ASG Estates Ltd (that’s the RAM Investment Group PLC (“RAM”) listed on AIM, market capitalisation circa GBP 7 million folks) is to become RAM VISION sometime in February.

There is so much crap legacy and confusion surrounding Avanti Screenmedia / ASG Media plus all the Gary Truman shenanigans with VMG-ASG and even ADL Media Ltd that it fully makes sense for RAM to re-brand.

RAM Investment Group PLC has a number of quoted and unquoted shareholdings in European and Far Eastern companies and two of its UK operating subsidiaries include TrainFX and RAM Vision.

TrainFX is of course a developer of passenger information, media, communication and security systems for the rail sector – a business purchased from VMG back in late 2008.

It’s probably worthwhile re-iterating some of the timeline that has led us to RAM VISION…

  • In November 2009 RAM acquired the business and assets of ASG Media PLC (“ASG”) which included the business and assets of ASG’s operating subsidiaries; ASL Media Limited and Freelance Media Limited which ceased trading.
  • At that time, business was continued via ASG Estates ltd.
  • All of the ASG group companies had been placed into Administration on 2nd November 2009.
  • RAM retained some key ASG staff but not the previous Directors and continued to trade as ASG Estates with a new senior management team led by David Da Costa.
  • David Da Costa founded Estates Media Partnership (EMP), a Frogmore-backed company a few years previously but this business was acquired by RAM on 23rd December 2009.

A spokesperson for RAM told us “The acquisition of ASG and Estates Media, together with the original investment in Train FX gives RAM a substantial foothold in DOOH media in the UK”

He added “This demonstrates RAM’s commitment to become one of the largest network operators and make a significant positive contribution to the industry”.

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