More Eyecatching Partnerships

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief, whose Interactivity Suite powers communication between mobile phones and video displays seemingly the world over, has continued its impressive series of partnership announcements.

We are certainly not the biggest fans of (willy-nilly) partnerships that oft seem to come to nothing or little but we were lucky enough to spend a couple of days last week in Oslo with and present and take part in a number of workshops with their current partners from as far as field as Brazil, UK, Scandinavia (of course) and elsewhere.

What we saw was a small (15 folks we think), really talented engineering company with a couple of very impressive products and a great heritage (and proven revenue stream) with a number of the world’s best known TV channels.

It’s either a very small world or impressive networking skills (or more likely a little bit of both) that we also know and have spent time with Theo Leonidou, managing director of Cyprus based Eyecatching Media (Cyprus) Ltd. who are the latest partner to be announced.

Theo told us “By providing the missing link between the consumer and digital signage,’s technology platform enables advertisers to connect, engage, and interact with individuals across multiple media channels,”

He added “We at Eyecatching Media have known from the beginning that the only way to move the DOOH industry to the next level is to enhance content with interactivity, effectively resetting the market with a new paradigm. We are confident that partnering with will help us to change the way advertisers think about digital signage.”

Based on what we saw first hand last week, in the realm of digital signage at least, technology can enable advertisers to target consumers with individualised offers and to glean detailed marketing information at the same time.

Using their Interactivity Suite, advertisers can deliver a barcode for a limited-time discount to a mobile phone at the point of sale, engage a consumer with a trivia game, or enable a consumer to post a comment or respond to a question and see the input immediately on the digital display.

Lars Lauritzsen, CEO told us “The owners of Eyecatching Media boast a decade’s experience with digital signage — practically the entire history of the enterprise — and they recognize that interactivity is the future,”

He added “We anticipate that the combination of Eyecatching Media’s extensive knowledge of the market and’s technical expertise will enable us to deliver exciting and innovative solutions to existing and future customers.”

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