#ISE2010 InAVate DS Content Finalists

Chris Sheldrake

This evening (Wednesday 3rd February) the InAVate awards ceremony takes place in the Rai Diamond Lounge 18:00 – 20:30 CET and one of the categories we are particularly interested in is the Digital Signage Content Category.

It looks like someone has really taken notice of the category. Here’s some detail on three that we think the winner will most likely come from…

Brand ITV Demons TV Series
Agency DARE Digital
Locations CBS Outdoor (Alive) DEP’s
Date January 2009

Description: A great campaign that really used the DEP’s to excellent effect with characters from the TV series running up and down the escalators (shown of course on the screens) and passing through the sreens.

A very effective way of grabbing the attention of commuters.

Brand SNCF
Agency Dagobert France
Locations Digital Signage screens around France
Date Early 2009

Description: A very creative campaign using colourful animated pop up 2D imagery in a variety of perspectives.

The campaign asked people to “Adopt a New Year resolution for 2009”.

We really liked the imagery and the colours, all very vibrant and something distinctive for Dagobert.

Brand Pink (The Musician)
Agency Amigo Digital
Locations Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Glasgow
Date November 2009

Description: A vibrant campaign produced for 4 very different locations with different screen requirements including multiple screen orientations. The campaign used 2D circus themed visuals from the poster campaign to compliment the traditional advertising and bring to life the posters with some stunning and eye-catching animation.

This PINK campaign ran on some of the biggest and most prominent digital screen networks outside London.

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