How Video Will Take Over The World

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

idiot box

Last week (June 17th to be precise) Forrester released an interesting report entitled “How Video Will Take Over The World”

Written by James L. McQuivey, Ph.D. the report is curiously sub-titled “What The Rise Of OmniVideo Means For Consumer Product Strategy Professionals”

In the report the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY best describes their new term “Ominvideo”…

TV is already the world’s most powerful medium, yet it is about to evolve into a form that will be even more powerful, something Forrester calls OmniVideo. OmniVideo includes today’s TV content experiences and devices but goes far beyond these, creating new content, distribution, and device possibilities, all of which feed the human need to consume video experiences. All video product strategists — whether at the TV networks, cable networks, TV service providers, over-the-top TV providers, or video device manufacturers — must take note: OmniVideo is about to explode, driving up total video viewing time from 4 hours per day to 5 hours by 2013, increasing your and your competitors’ market potential.

The report is reasonably priced at USD 279.00 and well worth a read.

Photo Caption – “Idiot Box”, by Artii, used under a creative commons license. From an exhibit called ‘Sensory Overload’ from the Milwaukee Art Museum

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