#DOOHBizConf Great Facilities

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We are in room 201 / 202 in Hall 12 (1st floor overlooking the Digital Signage Hall) in Amsterdam watching the final preparations for the ISE DOOH Business Conference #DOOHBizConf.

Mike Blackman will be opening the conference like he did last year at 10:00 CET and so (it’s 07:50 now) there are still a few hours to go.

Anyway some superlatives can start now even before we get under way. First off, what a magnificent room. It’s a new room with great facilities – note the Toshiba projector that comes down from the ceiling, also great sound, new carpet and the acoustics are great – someone with a booming voice (no names mentioned) could easily speak and be heard without microphones (though of course microphones are being supplied).

12 rows of 10 chairs are laid out and we are expecting a full house.

Now to go find some coffee.

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