Like Thee, Nero…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“Like thee, Nero, play on the lute, beholding the towns burn” wrote Shakespeare which many believe ushered in the oft-used quote “Nero fiddled whilst Rome burned”!!!

An online survey of their web site by private investors may not be what Avanti Screenmedia need just at the moment but that is what they are getting!

We have long been champions of the private investment community and never quite understand why almost all of the digital out of home companies (who are listed on the UK’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM)) seem to either (a) resent their smaller shareholders or (b) totally ignore them.

We have to say that Avanti Screenmedia (when we have spoken to them) have NOT been dismissive of their shareholders BUT have to say that most of the other AIM listed companies we speak with often are.

Anyway one private trader who goes by the name of ‘starydynamo’ has setup an ‘Avanti Screenmedia Independent Website Survey’ which can be seen at

The aim being to help Avanti improve their online presence.

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  1. pooleys1 Says:

    DailyDOOH – I have upmost praise for any PI who takes the intiative to conduct an online survey for a company they invest & believe in. I have posted my opinion to ‘starydynamo’ & believe that ASG & the BOD’s will take note & be very respectful of the survey. Unlike shakespeare a once known comedian said ‘ It’s all done in the best possible taste’
    Need I say more !!!!!!

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