#ISE2010 – Where Were You Top 10?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

C-nario, DISE, dZine, ONELAN, Omnivex, Scala and Harris Broadcasting you all made good decisions to exhibit at ISE this year.

Digital Signage was all over ISE and not just focussed around The Digital SIgnage Zone in Hall 12 (which surely needs to be given more space next year and moved to a new hall?).

So from those who want to be in our Top 10 this year (which we will announce at DSE in a few weeks time) where were EnQii, BroadSign, Dynamax, signagelive and STRATACACHE?

You all missed a trick as this show is now becoming the pre-eminent place to show your wares!

6 Responses to “#ISE2010 – Where Were You Top 10?”

  1. Chris Riegel Says:

    While I am sure that ISE is a fine show, I think it is worthwhile to clarify that ISE (like Infocomm here in the U.S.) is more of a ‘dealer/reseller’ show than an end user show.

    Our feedback from our people walking the floor is that while busy, there were few ‘end customers’ at the show.

    If indirect resellers is your model (which obviously fits Scala, Harris, etc.) then it makes sense as an investment, but if not, does it really make sense to spend money just to be seen by people that don’t impact your model?

    With the coming consolidation wave in this industry, there is value to keeping your powder dry and picking the right opportunities to pursue.

  2. Stuart Armstrong Says:


    You are right it was a good show. EnQii was there within the Magenta booth and we had our EMEA VP of Operations there at the booth and others working the show. We plan on putting even more against this show next year. Thanks for the call out which gave us a chance to set the record straight. 🙂

    All the best,

  3. Jason Cremins Says:

    We took the decision not to exhibit with our own stand at ISE this year unlike last and to support three partners who where providing signagelive as part of their offering on their stands at the show.

    We are launching the next major release of signagelive at Screen Media Expo London in May, so this influenced our decision not to take our own stand this year at ISE.

    We have every intention of being back at ISE in 2011 with a signagelive presence and supporting what was a great show from the two days I spent meeting partners and walking the floor (not to mention drinking the great coffee at the DailyDOOH lounge!).

  4. Claude HAGEGE Says:


    BroadSign team was on DooH Stuff stand.

    Brian Dusho was there for the conference, Jeffrey Libermann and Francois Heschme from Canada until Wednesday and Maarten Dollevoest until the end of the show.

    I agree with you by saying that the DS Hall is small. They should change the location of ISE to get into a single hall where all DS relative is at the same place.

  5. Luis Del Monte Says:

    @chris riegel – I love this quest for the “holy grail” of end users! No B2B show will ever have a sufficient number of end users, because its B2B specialised trade shows. If they were to come to all shows like ISE, they would have to go to 1000 other shows for all the tech they need. Go exhibit at some big consumer show like CeBIT or CES. Oh, then the answer will be “too general a show” ie just not willing to spend cash on a stand. Better to pay the sales guys ticket to worm his way into some contacts.

    The end users who are truly interested will go to ISE, DSE vegas, DSE Essen, Screen Expo. Even if it is a small amount, they have payed to go and are not selling (like you) but actually looking to buy/source. Your Powder is not “dry” its a “desert”.

  6. Howard Smith Says:

    Dynamax were also present at ISE. We were supporting Sharp on their stand powering their screens and holding various meetings. We will most probably take the plunge ourselves direct next year. The show was great.

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