#ISE2010 – World Barista Championship

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Yes, we are biased, but we think that the Blogger Lounge was a big success!

Elsewhere you’ll read about the stunning MicroTiles displays that the nice folks at Christie Digital generously lent us (but just for the occasion – we unfortunately don’t get to keep them), the free wi-fi access for the blogger community and the scoops that we picked up in the bars that we didn’t get thrown out of BUT our secret weapon was most definitely our barista…

From a strictly marketing point of view, our 3 ‘P’s ticked all the correct boxes. We think that we got the place, product and price exactly right.

Hall 10 wasn’t exactly (always) the busiest, but the place was right for our purpose – it was easily accessible and devoid of glaring LED displays that dominated some of the other halls.

Having done all our R&D and due diligence, we were confident that the product would be of high quality, but the reality exceeded our expectations.

Too Pretty To Drink

Our ‘barista’, Rahwa taught us that coffee is not just about pouring some scalding water over a wadge of ground coffee beans – it’s an art form in itself. Not only were her creations delicious, but they were a feast for the eyes too – some of our customers were embarrassed to drink her creations for fear of spoiling them!

And of course our pricing too was spot on – in exchange for a business card you could have a whole range of coffees and teas of the finest quality – move over Starbucks!

But back to Rahwa for a moment. Pretty, charming, always smiling, always there – she worked harder than any of us all day, every day – we averaged 500 – 600 coffees per day, Ed

And anyone fortunate enough to drink one of her works of art will testify in her favour – some said it was the best ‘caffè macchiatto’ that they’d ever had but all this doesn’t just happen by chance.

‘Barista’ is a profession that requires skill, practice (Rahwa has a machine at home that she trains on) and above all, passion.

Stick a bunch of baristas in a room together and they won’t be talking nits and pixels, they’ll be swooning over aromas and arguing the merits of Kenyan over Columbian and like every profession, they take great pride in their work and run competitions to see who really is the best.

Rahwa sailed through some eliminating rounds in Holland recently, and will be competing at the World Barista Championship being held in London in June.

So now you know why her coffee was so good? DailyDOOH of course likes working with the best and we can only wish her the best of luck come June.

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  1. Jason Cremins Says:

    An inspired decision by the DailyDOOH team and the coffee and service was top notch!

    A great touch and a definite personal highlight of ISE2010 for me.

    Just make sure you book Rahwa now for next year before word gets out!

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