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#DOOHBizConf – Observations

It’s Saturday morning, back at home after most of the week away in Amsterdam (Sunday to late Thursday for most of our team) and time to dwell on the conference and exhibition.

I will start off first on the conference which started the day before #ISE2010 proper…

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#1 Comment By Chris Heap On 6 February 2010 @ 13:04 @586

Hats off to Invidis Consulting for putting together another highly professional event.

The conference did however lead me to ponder whether there now needs to be two streams of event on a more regular basis to reflect two types of need.

The first is our internal market for experts/practitioners/developers in the DOOH marketplace who are developing and refining products and services to meet the needs of existing network owner/operators and the internal integrator/vendor marketplace. This it seems is currently well serviced.

The second (and the one in my opinion we need more of) talks more broadly about the features, benefits and opportunities presented by the medium from a marketing, brand and commercial perspective for those to engage CMOS, COOs and CTOs who may know they need it but not sure why or what benefit it would bring, or for those who quite simply don’t know they need it, yet.

In terms of the latter, it is still the case that any CMO looking to assess the opportunities developing a digital network will have to work hard to identify a ‘landing point’ in the marketplace.

In its various guises, programmes such as expert-tours in some way offer a bit of an answer but these are predominantly founded on introducing people to technical competences and components not solutions providers, whereas, for example, our (Imperatives) orientation & education programmes provide that private landing point from which commercial objectives and needs can be reconciled with CMOs and CTOs first to provide a clear market engagement strategy before they start the purchasing process proper.

Once they have clarity, they are better informed to engage with the DOOH marketplace in order to reconcile the ‘fit and finish’ of their chosen approach and the product, services and suppliers they reach out to. A summary of this programme can be viewed here [2]

Additionally, Screen Media Expo in London (May 5th-6th, London) will use some of its speaking tracks to provide both new customers and expert practitioners with a range of programmes designed to reduce the gap between marketing and technology perspectives, as reported earlier on DailyDOOH here: [3]. By all means let me know if you’d like to get involved.