One Touch Of Nature Makes The Whole World Kin

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Several big networks spoke to us today about the ‘Green issues’ supposedly surrounding CBS Outdoor’s Cross Track projection rollout on the London Underground – or at least about some of the media excitement about it!!

One of those was EYE – from Sydney, they told us that they had already kicked off a global study on the impact of Digital. It’s being carried out by a reputable third party, it’s a 6 month long study and we can’t wait to see the results.

We see that Tim Bleakley, Managing Director Sales & Marketing at CBS Outdoor has been talking to a lot of the press, most recently ITV London and LBC about the Cross Track projection rollout and neither of those two has necessarily picked up on the (purported) Green issues initially raised by the BBC.

Anyway a couple of the sound bites from Tim during his interviews are interesting…

  • “Green issues have been a prime consideration throughout CBS Outdoor’s
    transformation programme.
  • “Each cross-track projector uses 400 watts – to put into context,
    compare this with a light bulb which uses 60 -100 watts.
  • “The additional energy usage is offset by the introduction of energy efficient illuminated advertising sites which use 70% less energy than previously. In addition, we’ve also invested in the use of dry posting techniques across the London Underground which means we’re able to recycle the paper. When all stations have been upgraded to dry post an estimated 186 tonnes of paper will be saved from landfill per annum”

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