OVAB Hits 32 Members

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We interviewed the Chairman of OVAB last week as he also happens to be President & General Manager, Captivate Network in Boston AND Mike DiFranza will be featuring in our CEO Spotlight at the end of July.

The Out of Home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB) yesterday announced that CNN Airport Network, EnQii, Danoo, NBC Everywhere, PumpTop TV and Ripple have all become members.

That makes 32 in total.

Suzanne Alecia, president of OVAB told us “Our membership continues to expand as networks realize the power of coming to market with a unified voice, and as advertisers and agencies tap into the strength of the networks’ ability to reach and influence millions of consumers every day … We’re pleased that the agency and advertising communities are starting to embrace what consumers have already deemed valuable”

The new member companies include: –

  • CNN Airport Network; the only satellite-delivered 24/7 television service specifically designed for waiting air travelers in major airports across the nation and abroad
  • Danoo; delivers relevant, localized digital media to consumers in their favorite places, as part of their daily rituals
  • EnQii; a leading global digital signage out-of-home communications and technology solutions supplier with three companies, including Digital View Media, Redeemit and Screen Edge
  • NBC Everywhere; NBC’s digital out-of-home division, NBC Everywhere includes 11 non-traditional digital platforms that carry customized NBCU content and are available for advertiser messages
  • PumpTop TV; a network that delivers current news, entertainment and advertising to millions of drivers as they fuel their vehicles at the gas pump
  • Ripple; a network of screens located in specialty retail locations, featuring content that informs, entertains and connects people to their world


Founded in 2007, the Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB) represents leading out-of-home video networks and the advertising community that is actively engaged in planning, buying and evaluating the effectiveness of the medium. On behalf of its members, OVAB seeks to foster ongoing collaboration between agencies and out-of-home video advertising networks; provide standards, best practices and industry-wide research; and promote the effectiveness of out-of-home video advertising.

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