Goes Live

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We reported back in mid June about the online auction for the domain name in our story “ Sold For $20,200”

It’s up and running and pretty much looks like just another resource site, i.e. NEWS in the form of press releases and some resource space for network / directory listings at some future time.

In many ways it’s similar to Digital Signage Universe. Both of these sites we believe are going to have a hard time differentiating themselves out there, though Digital Signage Universe seems to have done a good job of attracting advertisers.

Both in essence are poor imitators of the original and very good Digital Signage Today

If you Google ‘digital signage’ (and understand a little on how Google’s ranking algorithms work) it’s not surprising that neither of these sites appear in the first couple of pages of search results – if you Google ‘digitalsignage’ it’s a different story but who does that?

Our take ALWAYS has been is that ‘digital signage’ per se is just a technology.

Digital Out of Home is the industry that we cover – it just happens to be that DOOH utilises digital signage and other technologies.

We do like to think that we cover an ‘industry’ rather than a technology. I am sure you will tell us if we are wrong and that you disagree.

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