BookingDOOH Bangs Its Tin Drum

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It must have been their banner advert on but Neo Media Group’s BookingDOOH business has just announced a rather big deal with Shanghai Be Media.

The Bus-Network of CCTV (CCTV is the Chinese state owned TV broadcaster) reaches 53.360.000 (yes that’s 53 million) passengers per day and is one of the largest DOOH networks in China.

Christian Vaglio-Giors, CEO Neo Media Group (obviously delighted) told us “This development will help BookingDOOH to scale its offering and to attract more International brands and media agencies to use our platform for planning and booking DOOH in fast developing China”.

By adding this CCTV network to its portfolio, BookingDOOH now reaches over 350 Million people in 23 countries every week.

Over 200.000 screens of 52 affiliated partners SURELY make BookingDOOH the largest network aggregator in the Digital Out-of-Home industry?

2 Responses to “BookingDOOH Bangs Its Tin Drum”

  1. ian Dobson Says:

    Yes but how’s business? Neo’s very good issuing press releases about making deals but signing advertisng contracts? They never issue press releases about that. Maybe Neo can tell the world how many campaigns they’ve booked for their network partners?

    Adcentricity had 1000% growth in 2009 and is already well on its way to having yet another record year. Its not about the number of screens and venues, the audience and environment. Its about the quality of the network, the efficency and effectiveness of the platform to plan, schedule and deliver campaigns across multiple networks and making network partners money.

    Looking forward to Neo’s next press release on that subject.

  2. BookingDooh neemt 70.000 nieuwe schermen « POPAI Benelux Nieuws Says:

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