#NABExhibitors – NAB Show, Las Vegas

Andrew Neale

NAB in Las Vegas is a little bit too big for us. We attended last year and were blown away by the sheer size of the event. Remember this picture of the Newsroom?

This year the dates are Conferences April 10-15, 2010 and Exhibits April 12-15 obviously both taking place in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

KioskCom which we are attending is on at almost the same time (14th and 15th April) so we are in town and depending on whether our ‘press credentials’ are verified we may well attend NAB once again.

Harris Broadcasting and STRATACACHE because of their broadcast heritage are typical exhibitors, so too Christie Digital who will no doubt be showcasing MicroTiles yet again.

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  1. Anon Says:

    If you do go to NAB, it will be interesting to hear your views on their treatment of digital signage.

    NAB in April and the USA acts as a ‘mirror’ to IBC in September and Europe. As you know, IBC seems to be dipping toes in DS waters, perhaps because it is seen as a high growth area or perhaps as its relevance to content delivered over networks. Nonetheless, DS at IBC seems an uncomfortable fit.

    Perhaps KioskCom will be the DS magnet…

  2. Brad Williams Says:

    Hi Anon-

    In full disclosure, I am an employee of the NAB.

    The NAB Show is about the creation, management, distribution, delivery, and business of content. Digital signage is indeed an emerging distribution platform and one we feel has a strong future within the world of content distribution. We feel the NAB Show is an ideal place to better understand the world of content and how it is being utilize for digital signage networks, to discover new partnerships and business models. We feel this is where we can better assist the digital signage community given great content is ultimately what will make for a great digital signage network. Plus, as referred to by Andrew, a number of our exhibiting companies already serve the digital signage community, so there is a desire to see digital signage integrated into the world’s largest digital media event. It is a large show, but worth your time, and maybe your year, if you are looking for a great content partner or two.

    We can not replace a targeted event such as KiokCom, and that is not our goal, but we do think we serve a need within the digital signage community given the numerous content players at our event. We want them to meet you.

    Have a great show!

    Brad Williams, NAB

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