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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Vue Cinema

Not quite sure why UK Cinema chains these days want to make their cinema lobby resemble the all-too-depressing airline check-in counter but it seems that their designers lack creativity and intend to continue trend.

Anyway, it’s not Sony’s fault how the architects and interior designers design the Vue cinemas but here we see a good win for both Sony screens and Sony’s Ziris Digital Signage software.

Vue creates the ultimate cinema experience with Sony’s digital signage solutions

Sony’s 40″ LCD display screens with Sony’s Ziris digital signage software have enabled Vue Cinemas to enhance its retail offering and customer service

Weybridge, UK, 23rd June 2008: Sony Professional Services is transforming the customer experience in VUE cinemas throughout the country by enhancing Vue’s 62 multiplexes across the UK and Ireland with a new Sony Ziris digital signage system. Integration of a state-of-the-art signage system is a milestone in Vue’s aim to become the leading exhibitor in the business. The programme will see 287 Bravia and Sony Pro 40-inch LCD screens located throughout its network linked by Ziris software and centrally managed from Vue’s London headquarters.

Historically the sites have had menu boards that were used for both promotional and retail activity and only updated periodically to reflect price changes or to promote a new release. Vue needed a system that would allow them to have maximum flexibility to exchange the different zones within each cinema site and the flexibility for different cinemas to show different content from each other.

“We needed to add versatility and advertise what, when and where we wanted. Out of all the technology on the market that could do this we chose Ziris. It did what it said on the tin – namely it is a centrally driven content delivery system.” Commented Vue’s IT manager and project co-ordinator Vinay Dave

The solution is run from three servers at head office that create, manage and transfer content, to the network players. The Ziris software will allow a focal point for retail and marketing departments to automatically monitor the entire digital signage network or pinpoint exactly what is being transmitted at any multiplex in order to tailor specific messaging.

“The beauty of Ziris is that we can chop and change and do what we like whenever we want,” says Dave. “We can close box office zones during quiet periods and operate all ticketing and retail from a single point or we can deliver increased promotional activity or schedule information to any screen in peak periods- all on a daily basis.”

The project is three quarters of the way to completion. The solution is scaleable to accommodate Vue’s continual expansion. Sony is installing FWD40LX2 HD screens in the foyer environment designed for heavy duty operations in public places. The display panel also allows for independent colours to be fine tuned so a precise match with the branding colours can be achieved.

“In Sony’s early discussions with Vue Cinemas it was clear that the objective was to enhance customer service together with the filmgoers experience and to create a modern state of the art cinema environment. Sony’s digital signage solution will enable Vue to achieve this today and can be modified according to their future requirements”. Stated Tim Potter, Sony Professional Solutions.

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