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#dse2010 – Las Vegas Industry Mixer

All the pieces are in place for the big digital signage industry mixer in Las Vegas Feb. 23rd

If anything, it is over-subscribed, so if you are figuring you didn’t register online and you’ll just show up anyway, please don’t. It’s not that we’re trying to be exclusive, at all. It is simply that the place has capacity limits, and we were at them within 24 hours.


Between registrations through EventBrite (great service, by the way) and discretionary invites by sponsors, we are at 200-plus people, representing roughly 95 companies.

We have about three-dozen people who are president or C-somethings at their companies, not including the 1-2 person start-ups where you get to be CEO just by, well, fogging a mirror. Been there.

The event was organized by The Preset Group [2], a consulting group I helped found about six months ago. We help companies companies get quickly up the curve with their efforts and step in with clients to help them work through particular challenges. Happy to say we’re busy.

However, this post is more of a way to plug and thank the event’s sponsors. We wanted to secure a nice location for the mixer, on the strip and close to the LVCC. We settled on a club in the Palazzo hotel and casino that looks beautiful and has an outdoor patio area overlooking the strip. If the weather is nice all the Canadians and people from the midwest and northeast, who have been hammered by snow this past month, will be out there. But nice places on the strip don’t serve $1 beers. Drinks cost a lot at this place, and the first round’s on us plan needed ALL the help we could get from sponsors.

Anyway, getting several companies to chip in made all that manageable, and part of our appreciation is giving them a little profile.

In alphabetical order:-

The event runs from 6 to 8. I have suggested to a number of people that with various commitments we expect many people will drop in for an hour and then get on to dinner with clients or head to their rooms and the email pile. But I expect there will be lots of people still around at 8 and well beyond if people want to come by then. I know the Toronto mixer tends to last a good three hours, and it is Vegas. That said, I have a breakfast meeting and will be a good boy, for a change.

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3 Comments To "#dse2010 – Las Vegas Industry Mixer"

#1 Comment By Lou Giacalone, Jr. On 16 February 2010 @ 19:36 @858

CoolSign will have a few folks attending as well. Sounds like it will be a really fun event! –Lou

#2 Comment By Duncan Sierakowski On 17 February 2010 @ 13:17 @595

Whilst we appreciate that supporting, reading and subscribing to industry web sites and portals is a zero-sum game (it’s not either / or) it’s interesting to see that while DailyDOOH’s main competitor Digital Signage Today (same parent as the DSA) simply repeats press releases today for; Canvys marketing, imedia Outdoor, Muzak to sponsor official blogger lounge at DSE, CyberStream etc etc the DailyDOOH breaks as an exclusive that Exponation is to launch the Digital Signage Foundation – a rival organisation to the DSA.

I know which site I read first

#3 Comment By bob asher On 17 February 2010 @ 18:35 @816


Would love to come to your event. You mentioned an on-line registration. Where do I go to sign up?



Bob Asher
President, Chilmark Media Inc.