Marketing At Retail

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

On our last visit state-side we realised that the American coined term “Marketing At Retail” had gained a lot of traction and was a term that was here to stay – it’s probably better than ‘point of purchase’ in describing the myriad of things that can be done in retail (not just digital signage of course).

Anyway Laura Davis-Taylor has written a really nice piece entitled “Reality Check For In-Store Marketing” over on

The quotes from these folks are all worth a read, though not sure what relevance some of their companies have to the retail world…

  • JOHN GREENING, Sector Head, Advertising; Associate Professor, Northwestern University
  • DON FASICK, Director, New Business Development Commercial Products, LG Electronics
  • LOU GIACALONE, SVP Digital, Worldwide, Titan Worldwide
  • LYLE BUNN, Principal & Strategy Architect, BUNN Co.
  • TOM NIX, VP and General Manager of Dynamax Technologies Ltd.
  • JEFF COLLARD, President, Omnivex
  • JIM CURRIE, President, LevelVision
  • CHRIS HEAP, Director, The Imperative Group

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