Carbon Neutral Advertising

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It had to happen what with all the fuss over LCD, PDP and rear projection running costs – here we see PDM down under be the first to announce carbon neutral advertising for their digital signage network.

Whilst it’s obviously a ‘green-play’ and good PR, attempts at being carbon neutral are obviously not a bad thing and we hope that others will follow.

PDM are working with Carbon Planet, a specialist carbon reduction advisory company, that has created a ‘calculator’ that estimates carbon emissions for the use of all plasma and LCD screens used in the digital signage networks.

Using this tool, PDM can purchase carbon credits on behalf of their advertisers and offer carbon neutral advertising to clients for a nominal surcharge.

We are told that Carbon Planet conducted a thorough Greenhouse Gas Emissions audit to determine the carbon footprint of a one-year period – calendar year 2007.

The audit identified the types and amounts of GHG emissions attributable to PDM’s operations so that they could fully offset the effect of their emissions through the purchase of certified carbon credits. The audit process included an inventory of all activities and utilities used in day-to-day business operations, identification of the source and scope of emissions, development of audit boundaries, collection of relevant usage data and analysis of data.

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