Emerging Media Forecast – July 2008

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Two great ‘mid-year update’ reports are available for free from New York based MAGNA – Brian Wieser’s “Presentation on Emerging Media” and Robert Coen’s “Presentation on Advertising Expenditures”

In the US, MAGNA’s outlook for search, social media, online video, gaming, interactive TV, and digital out-of-home (i.e their take on ’emerging media’) predicts a 31.1% rate of growth in 2009.

The biggest growth of any of these emerging media platforms according to MAGNA is online video, which is expected to grow 45% in 2009 followed by mobile advertising, social media, gaming, search, emerging out-of-home and advanced TV.

Emerging out-of-home emerging is expected to grow 22.7% in 2009 (again this is an estimate for the US market).

Both reports are well worth downloading and having a read through.

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